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Custom Quilters does not charge you extra to use your own batting or backing. However, some materials may not be appropriate for machine quilting. 

The backing and batting needs to be EIGHT inches wider and longer to accommodate loading it onto the machine.  If your quilt top is 60” by 80”, the backing and batting need to be 68” by 88”.

Please make sure that your backing is squared and save the fee. We want your quilt to be the best, and square backing is essential.


Custom Quilters has bleached and unbleached muslin 96" and 115" wide and prints in 115 inch width, all at a reasonable price. We can order other light fabric similar to cream listed below.

Do not see what you like or color !! If you have specific need, please let us know and we will always try to accomodate your requests. 

Colors on your monitor or print out may not precisely match actual fabric colors.


Burgandy 115

Emerald 115

Navy 115

Burgandy 115"

Emerald 115"

Navy 115"

Black 115

Cream 115

Simple Black 115"

Cream 115"

Note: Pantos run edge to edge across the quilt.  We place the long edge, up to 120 inches, of the quilt at the top of the machine.  The backing seams need to run the same direction as the Pantos.  If you prefer to have the Panto quilted across the shorter edge of the quilt, there may be additional service fees. Please request on your intake/order form.

Please mark the top of your quilt.


We can cut, sew and iron your back. You supply enough material for this, or we can choose a fabric from our store for you and add it to your bill.  
If sending backing, please leave at least eight inches longer and eight inches wider than your quilt top.  If your quilt top is 60” x 80”, the backing should measure 68” x 88”.

I have my own backing

Measure the quilt and make the backing at least 4 inches larger all around.  This means add 8 inches to the measurements (length & width) of the quilt and that should be the minimum size of your backing piece. 

Please make sure that your backing is squared and save the fee. We want your quilt to be the best, and square backing is essential.

Make sure you cut the selvages off the seam allowances that are going to be inside the quilt because they can pull the backing unevenly and cause puckers during the quilting process.

Leave the selvage on the outer edges as it makes a very stable edge to pin to the leaders and they will be trimmed off later when you put your binding on. 

Please make sure your quilt is trimmed even and all the edges are straight.  Custom Quilters prefers the seams to run across /side to side.  This provides a more even pull to the seam than from top to bottom.

Sheets may affect the overall quality of your quilt.  Higher thread counts above 300 can prevent proper stitching and may result in holes.  If you prefer sheets, please make sure less than 400 thread count, wash and press before shipping.  Also, keep in mind that Custom Quilters requires the extra eight inches longer and wider to aid in mounting the backing fabric.

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